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3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Overlords, Civilization, and Escape

The Fenris Wolf vol 9 - Featured

The Quest for Gnosis - Featured


10 Outcomes if Our Universe is a Computer Simulation - Medium

Virtual Tours and the Corona Pandemic - Medium

We Already are Artificial Intelligence - Medium **

New Easy Experiments for Testing the Simulation Hypothesis
 - Medium **

Tokyo’s Psychic VR Lab realizes Terence McKenna’s Dream of sharing our Inner Worlds
 - Medium

Breaking into the Simulated Universe - IEET **

How VR Gaming will wake us up to our Fake Worlds - IEET **

Why it Matters that You Realize You’re in a Computer Simulation - IEET (See the Medium version here) **

Human Civilization is our Second Womb for Birthing Transhumans - Medium **

A Free Education for All the World's People will Save our Species - Medium **




Do we still need film critics? - Medium

True Detective: Night Country is not good - Medium

Infinity Pool and the Infinite Sadness - Medium

Suburban Sasquatch and the Joy of Disaster Darlings - Medium

Oliver Stone's Nixon is still a masterclass in political drama - Medium. 

AMC's Interview with the Vampire truly sucks - Medium 

Hulu's Hellraiser drops the puzzle box - Medium

Don't look Up is just what we need - Medium

Velvet Buzzsaw uses Horror to Skewer Contemporary Art Culture - Medium

From Shock to Awe — one of the best docs in years—follows veterans treating crippling PTSD with psychedelics - Medium

On The Horror and Allure of Hannibal Lecter - Disinfo

Music Against Homophobia - Reality Sandwich


Identity as a Requisite for Violence - Medium

Why Psychedelics Must be Legalized and Normalized: A Patients and Human Rights Argument
 - Medium

Santa Muerte: Love, Sex, Death, and Rebirth in Mexican Folk Religion - Burning House Press

We Need to Talk About How Your "We Need to Talk About" Headline makes You Sound like a Hugely Belittling Hack-Fraud Asshole - Medium

Political Apocalyptic Witchcraft
 - Disinformation

Cornel West has already destroyed it again — This time at Harvard - Disinformation 

LSD & DNA – Francis Crick’s Psychedelic Origins of Life - Disinformation

Alien Abduction & Human BDSM Practice - Medium

A Scatological Argument for Free Will - Medium

Biopsychosocial Technoetics and the 99%
 - Reality Sandwich

Fight for a Free Internet - Reality Sandwich

The Interwebs: Electronic Insanity and Mental Enviornmentalism - Reality Sandwich

The Dead Don’t Die: On “Death” and “Loss” - Medium

Richard Dolan's Transhuman Realpolitik - Medium

Douglas Rushkoff & Eliott Edge on simulated universes, psychedelics, and the book ‘3 Essays on Virtual Reality’ - Medium

A Synchronicity while Revisiting American Psycho en route to Canada - Medium

Anonymous just shared Donald Trump’s Personal Data - Disinformation

New York’s Greatest Tour Guide & Poet, Speed Levitch, is Back! - Disinformation

The Invisible Struggle of Homeless Female Veterans - Disinformation
Artist Maxwell Edge Remixes Labyrinth and NeverEnding Story - Disinformation

Wild Mind of Lucia Love (NSFW) - Disinformation

The X-Men are Sooo Gay - Disinformation

Peace Prize Laureate Launches Campaign to Stop Killer Robots After Winning Ban on Landmines - Disinformation

For those of you who say there are no voices leading America, you need to watch 20 mins of Cornel West - Disinformation

Set Science Free's 200+ PhDs, MDs vs TED Talks - Reality Sandwich

A Future Space Place and Type One Civilizations - Reality Sandwich

Thinking Through Windows on Emotiv Epoc - Reality Sandwich
iVoting - Reality Sandwich

Suing the States - on Alec Loorz and iMatter - Reality Sandwich

Real Life Super Heroes and LARP-like Activism - Reality Sandwich

Rise of the Groundbot Grunts - Reality Sandwich

New "Chi" Particle Discovered at LHC - Reality Sandwich

"I Share Therefore I am" on Kopimism - Reality Sandwich

Anti-pipeline Petition Keystone XL - Reality Sandwich 

ETs and Eisenhower? - Reality Sandwich

Time Control Technology Disclosure? - Reality Sandwich

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